About TechnoArt

The TechnoArt innovation & creation Center (TIC) is focusing on transforming the way technology, business and the social industry work together in an effort to find solutions to challenges that would be most effective in areas of high social importance including Arts, Culture, Media, Journalism and more.



Today, the partnerships created by TIC are being taken to a new level – challenging conventional thinking about collaboration, and helping support industries to become more innovative on the global stage. Sponsored by the largest companies famous for their innovative spirit such as KPMG, PayPal, Tadmor, socialterminals, Howden, Magisto, Samsung, I am+ and more, TIC is the source for access, knowledge, activity and development in a world that is looking to combine industry knowledge, technological innovation and creative thinking.
New opportunities
Our new Technology & Innovation Center, located in the center of Tel Aviv, offers a large variety of research, innovation and technology development areas, all aimed towards creating new possibilities, new levels of dynamic collaborations and productive outcomes. Together, we’ll work on solutions to challenges focusing on content related industries, including:
● Photograph, Film, Video, Video Art ● Literature and Journalism ● Dance, Acting and Performing Arts ● Music ● Fine Arts ● Design – From Fashion to Graphics and 3D printing